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vicissitudesHave a brand.  That’s the advice I hear on the business end of writing.

If you’re going to do femdom, do only femdom.  If you’re going to write fantasy, stick to fantasy so those fans will find you.

Clearly I suck at this.  I write all sorts of genres and I like them all.  Well, I don’t like “Long, Lonely Howl,” but that’s more because I wrote it during one of the darkest points in my life when I honestly thought I might be in the sort of serious trouble that leads to someone being homeless.  *shrug*

But my point is that I’m all over the place.  Claimings is soft scifi. Blowback, Drift, Turbulence, the two Desert World books are all hard scifi. Mountain Prey, Fettered, Gathering Storm, Out of Balance, and Lines in the Sand are contemporary.  Long, Lonely Howl, Insistent Hunger, Urban Shaman and Shepard, Slave and Vow are all fantasy.

Some books are BDSM, some aren’t.  Some are het, most aren’t.

I’m all over.

And now my muse wants to add horror.  I was poking around thinking of a Nano to work on (the promise of a new project always makes me finish old ones, and Drift is almost done.  Jacqs and Zeke are back in the narrative).

My twisted muse came up with Vicissitudes of Magic.

David is a computer tech who helps run a detective/fix-it/protection agency with his best friend from high school, Rosaline.  The third partner is her magical mentor Ulric.  Wizards in general have very little patience for “mundanes,” a term David loathes, but he and Rosaline are close despite all the discrimination from this secret sect of society.

However, a new player has come on the scene, and he has plans for all of them, but especially for David and Ulric’s own teacher, a handsome man named Faulkner who is dark and deadly and utterly uninterested in anything mundane.  One little spell and David finds himself a prisoner and a pawn as good guys turn bad guys, as bad guys turn worse guys, and as the wizard world threatens to rise up out of the shadows and destroy everyone. David figures he can survive the torture, but the threat of being used to destroy his world tears at his soul like no pain every could.

This is definitely too dark for Loose Id.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I’m only on chapter one, and it’s not exactly fluffy and light.  I think I like Gary from Fettered (the rapist) more than I like some of these assholes.