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An Update and a Story Rec

Another month gone and now NaNoWriMo is staring me in the eye. So, it’s been a big month. Claimings 4 came out, and so far, it is selling almost as well as the first Claimings book. Fingers crossed that those sales hold. A lot of people are asking about more books. I will do more stories… I am already working on a series of stories with Liam’s brother and other side characters. I would like to do some short stories from Liam and Ondry raising their own eggling. However, I don’t think there is another full book focused on Liam/Ondry. That’s not to say that they won’t show up in other books, but they’re happy being an old married couple.

If I write another book in this universe it’s going to be Maya: a non-romantic love affair between a girl, a boy, a semi-parasitic alien and an insane AI. That’s set in the same universe, but Maya is a ship-rat who grew up trying to avoid soldiers from both sides of Liam’s war. Living in the middle of the war zone has given her a much different point of view, and running into a semi-parasitic alien changes everything. This would be an asexual romance… if that makes any sense. But that’s something for me to poke at later.

alien tentaclesRight now I’m finishing up Saddled (pony play, dueling dominants, and major drama, oh my). I’m working on the closing chapters and then I’ll send it over to MLR Press. I’m also full speed ahead on Earth Fathers are Weird. Max has just figured out that he’s knocked up, and he’s less than pleased. I’m excited about the big twist that’s coming. If you think Ondry is alien, he can’t hold a candle to Rick (no, that’s not his real name). Maybe the universe thinks Earth fathers are weird, but Max is pretty sure these tentacle monsters are nuts.

I am also rereading the first three Aberrant Magic books as I start to plan my return. All the pieces are in place. The various powers (both guide magic and Earth magic) are in place and our guys are ready to deal with the first of the returning ifrit. A big one is coming through first, and it’s going to be one hell of a fight. And this battle could change the nature of reality. I’m thinking of doing this for NaNoWriMo (assuming I can keep myself away from Rough Trade long enough to write my own). I’ve gotten a bit lazy about meandering around in different universes, and I’m not finishing anything quickly. I would like to really change that with Aberrant Magic 7: Durance.
So right now I’m all about the alien life forms (both the interdimensional and intergalactic sorts). And I found a short story over at Tor that you should totally read. It’s a full novel shoved into a single suitcase of a short story, and I want to unpack every idea. If this author turned this into a book, I would gobble it up because these are alien aliens. And the humans are depressingly realistic.

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