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Monthly Update

So, January has seen the end of one WIP. Earth Fathers Are Weird is now officially done.  I am editing now, and bless you to all the readers who are jumping on the edits.  I love that I have readers who love me enough to tell me I have toilet paper hanging off my shoe. EFAW goes off to the editor next week, and I am playing with ideas for a new book.


I asked for some feedback on ideas, and the winner was the idea of doing a friends to enemies to lovers. So I started brainstorming. Mahlon went to the academy with Van, and they were classmates and allies. Both were working-class men determined to turn a natural talent with math and piloting into successful careers.  They started together as junior officers. As the war between Command and the rebelling colonies heated up, they both earned their own ships.


But Mahlon stopped believing Command had any moral high ground one January day, and he walked away from his command, his ship, and his friendship with Van.  Now Van is in command of the ship tracking down rebel ships as Command finally takes back control of all human-occupied space.  However, everyone’s plans are upended when a Cy ship decides to destroy both human ships, forcing the surviving humans to take refuge on the very ship that had attacked them.


I have such a strong image.  Mahlon is quiet. He lives behind masks and sarcasm and few people ever see past that. His father worked as a servant in a wealthy home, so Mahlon learned to be quiet and play at being respectful, but he has a vicious inner voice.  And sometimes he turns that voice on himself. Van is serious, less likely to make a joke than Mahlon, and quick to assume the worst of most people. He has an ethical standard that he expects others to meet and he resents it when they don’t. However, he could always see the best of Mahlon when they were in school together.


The guys had started to really come clear. And then I looked at the poll again, and friends to enemies to lovers has the least number of votes.




Well, once my brain decides on a path, the muse does not change gears easily, so this will be the next story.  But before I get into that, I am going to finish Aberrant Magic 7: Durance.  I’ve already contracted for a new cover and I really want to tell the rest  of the story.  This first arc in the Magic universe is setting up major changes in the world.  Right now, their universe looks very much like ours with a few more bells and whistles.  I see the first eight books as an introduction into a world that is on the cusp of radical change.  So I’m looking forward to getting back into that universe.


So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Oh!  I almost forgot.  A French publisher has asked to translated one of my Dreamspinner books.  Sometime in the next year or two, Tap-Dancing the Minefields will be released by MxM Bookmark. I’m excited about that.  I know translated versions don’t do well financially for the original author, but I’m going to be in another language.  That’s totally awesome.  When it comes out, I will get copies, but I don’t know yet if that will be electronic or paperback.  It would be so cool to hold a book with my words in French, but we’ll see.


Okay, so that’s really it.  I hope everyone kept themselves and their families (including furbabies) warm during this hellish weather.  Peace out.